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Be Mike Wong's Guest at the Magic Castle

As a member of the Magic Castle, Mike Wong has the privilege to issue passes to his associates, clients and friends.

The Magic Castle
7001 Franklin Avenue
Hollywood, California 90028

newChanges to the Dress Code

Over 100 requests for a pass are received each week. It may take up to 7 days to process and issue the pass. If Mike Wong is out of town, traveling or performing, it may take longer. Please plan your visit accordingly.

Please double check your email address. If it bounces back, you will not get a pass.

Evening: No one under 21 admitted
Brunch: Under 21 admitted

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By clicking the Submit button, you agree to abide by all the rules of the Magic Castle. You also agree to pay all charges, costs and expenses incurred during the visit to the Magic Castle. Mike Wong shall not be held liable for any charges, costs or expenses incurred before, during or after your visit.

The Walls of the Magic Castle have ears and eyes. The use of foul or offensive language, unruly or inappropriate behavior or use of illegal drugs on the property will not be tolerated and will get you and your guests evicted from the premisses.