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Mike Wong presents Drug Busters

"Your blend of magic and message was just right."

MAGICIAN MIKE WONG presents an action-filled 45 minute school magic show designed to have a positive impact on a child’s attitude against illegal drugs and alcohol use. DRUG BUSTERS cleverly combines an entertaining magic and comedy presentation with a powerful anti-drug and anti-alcohol message.

During the course of the show, Mike Wong weaves magic and comedy with the message that you can be a winner when you say NO to drugs and explores alternative activities with the students. To get the children excited about reading and using the public library, Mike presents a list of magic books that are available in the public library so they can learn to perform magic. Mike also plays classical piano for the children and explains to them that if they apply themselves and use their spare time wisely, they can accomplish amazing and wonderful things. The 45 minute magic show is fast paced and keeps the kids riveted.

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Elementary and Middle School level programs available. Below is a preview of the elementary version of Drug Busters.