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Reviews: What the Critics Have to Say About Drug Busters

"Thank you for a stimulating and education set of assemblies for our students. Having talked to the students after the assemblies, I can tell you with sound assurance that they have become more aware of the importance of a drug free life. When I talked to the 6th grade students three days after the assemblies, nearly one hundred per cent of the 6th grade could tell me your "secret words" "I'm a Winner!"

Your blend of magic and message was just right. One thing that turns off this group is "preaching" which you avoided masterfully. A group which was most impressed with your presentation and engaged in some excellent follow-up discussion was our 8th grade class."

Mark Carlton
Five Oaks Middle School, Beaverton, OR

"The moment Mike Wong walks into a room you can feel the energy level begin to rise. This multitalented and intelligent young man can capture the attention of an audience of any age. His primary goal is drug awareness and self-esteem. Through magic, music and laughter he draws you in and delivers his message with a punch."

1st Vice-President, PTA
Rose Elementary School, Escondido, CA

"Very good! Kids were involved and listening. I like the way he tied in the drug lesson to each trick. Memorable"

Teacher, 5th grade
Park Place Elementary School, Oregon City, OR

"I like the concept of drug awareness through magic"

Teacher, 3rd grade
Toyon Elementary School, San Jose, CA

"The students loved the magic and the music. The anti-drug message was very clear and the follow up discussion helped the students focus on that aspect of the presentation. Great program!"

Teacher, 1st grade
Kalmioposos Elementary School, Brookings, OR

"The children enjoyed the magic show and were able to relate the anti-drug message you delivered."

Teacher, 1st grade
Broad Avenue Elementary School, Wilmington, CA